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Very interesting posts.

I paint my own figures and enjoy the modelling aspect of the hobby and the creative process, though I have often wondered if all I bought was pre-painted armies would it be cheaper in the long long.  My train of thought is buy two armies for the following Medieval, SYW, AWI, Napoleonic WW2.  Say of 6-10 units/battalions each.  You would not have to buy reference books, modelling stuff, paints and all the other paraphernalia we spend money on for wargaming, just buy the pre-painted and made armies, (Also terrain and buildings).

Which one is the more cost effective? do it yourself or get someone to do it for you?  If I won the lottery I would pay top dollar to have several armies painted for me but would something be lost to me in the hobby not doing it myself?

If I was coming to the hobby today for the first time would I pay someone to paint all my stuff, I would be very tempted.  As I said I enjoy the modelling and painting side of the hobby and game very little, though I would like to game more.

Maybe I will do a price comparison on self built and painted and  paying someone to do it for you or I could use my time to paint more soldiers.  Interesting ponders, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.