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If I buy a plastic kit of a Panzer III, assemble it and paint it dark grey, am I being creative?  Someone else designed the real Panzer III, someone else made the master for the kit, someone else produced the kit, someone else designed and printed the instructions I have to follow, someone else decided that real Panzer IIIs were to be painted dark grey and I’m just copying what they did.  So in making my Panzer III (or anything else historical for that matter) am I really being creative, or am I just being led by the nose towards the final outcome?

I’ve painted my own figures and vehicles, bought pre-painted figures and vehicles, and have had figures I’ve bought professionally painted for me.  I have a batch of B.E.F. and French figures under the professional brush right now.  For me the objective is to get the toys on the table and play out the scenarios that are constantly circling round in my brain.  That is the creative part of wargaming that I enjoy the most.  I think it was Guy Farrish that mentioned this somewhere above, and I am in agreement with him on that.

Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.