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Mike Headden

First thoughts … well first thoughts were “why damage such nice figures” ๐Ÿ™‚

However, as an inveterate tinkerer with sculpts I soon had some thoughts.

Lady, first left: remove hat, add some green stuff hair and have her bareheaded …. they must take these things off from time to time!

Guy, second left: either remove the top of the hat and have him in a cap with ear flaps OR remove top of hat and add some sort of cone shaped “coolie” type hat on top?

Big guy: No idea!

Grey Lady: card disc, remove centre, snip small chunk out of the remaining doughnut, glue in place to give slightly downward pointing brim?

Water carrier: remove top of hat, leaving only the brim, drill out a little of the centre, glue suitable size bead in place to give globular hat

Mister snooty: Add visor to helmet

Other than that – pouches, pets (alien or otherwise), laspistols, etc all add to the sci-fi vibe and add to the variation


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