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Sane Max

I have not played Dragon Rampant. What are the key differences between it and HOTT?


Totally different in pretty much every way. It’s a skirmish Game with unit activation to Move, shoot – some units are easier to activate than others, and you decide who activates first – if you fail, the game Turns Over immediately to your opponent*


you get units, which are pretty much standard – Elite Cav , Heavy  Cav, light cav, Heavy foot, light foot, fierce foot, archers, crossbows, Greater Warbeast, Lesser Warbeast etc etc- and then you match what you have to the trooptype you want to. In that regard it’s similar. In every other respect it’s not the same at all. There are bolt-on special rules that are not cheesey to add flavour – so My Dragon is a Greater Warbeast, with ‘Fly’ and ‘Flame Attack’. My Verminlord on the other hand a Lesser Warbeast with ‘Venomous’.

*I really rate it, and if you like Bloodbowl you will ‘get’ the unit activation a lot better than people who are used to having control over their army.


It allowed me to scrape the fungus (I kid you not) off my Old-school skaven for the first time in 15 years, with the bonus that things that are crap in Warhammer, or too expensive in points for what they could do, can be used as something good. My Ratogres are Elite Foot, and having a great time. I have owned my Giant Rats since 1980-something, and my first game of Dragon Rampant was the first time they had actually killed something. I rate it very highly. You can add what you like – and I have succumbed to some Whimsy – I have a Teutonic Knights army, and have added a Dragon – Bestia Dei – who Hochmeister Von Eimer-kopf believes he has converted to Christianity, and doesn’t ask why Novice Monks keep disappearing – or you can play seriously of course.