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Jemima Fawr

Hi Tim,

Sorry mate, I completely forgot to come back to this topic.  Thanks for correcting a few issues – I’ll go and clean them up later.  I had all sorts of conflicting sources.  I blame that bloke ‘Tim’ on TMP… 😉

So we’re sure that there no Leopards at all in Canada beyond the half a dozen or so for training (and odd examples for technical training)?

In that case, some of the sources seem to have counted Leopards twice or even THREE times!   I’m still wondering about the war reserve Leopards though (if they existed).  A few mention that there were 19x Leopards in storage IN ADDITION to the 19x Leopards stored there for the flyover (C) Squadron.  If that’s not true I’ll delete them.  Again, it’s probably a case of someone counting the same Leopards twice.

I’m not sure that you’re right re the AMF(L) contingent, however.  AMF(L) contingents were mainly single battalion groups that served under the British-led AMF(L) Brigade (for the northern option – I think the southern option was US-led?).  Thus the AMF(L) Brigade in Norway would generally have a British, Canadian, French and Italian battalion, as well as a Luxembourg half-battalion, plus other bits and pieces.

As I understand it, the CAST Brigade (5 CBG) was an ADDITIONAL Canadian commitment to Norway, over and above AMF(L).  Similarly, the British 3 Commando Bde (including Royal Netherlands Marines) and a US Marine Amphibious Bde were also committed to Norway, while the UK Mobile Force (1 Inf Bde) was committed to Denmark.  The Canadian commitment to AMF(L) therefore continued after the CAST Brigade was withdrawn from the Norway plan in 1988.

Of course, just to confuse the issue, the AMF(L) battalion could occasionally be drawn from the CAST Bde, though could alternatively come from SSF – it seems to have rotated between them.

Incidentally, here’s one of my painted QRF Lynxes: 🙂

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