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I have somewhere between a half dozen and a dozen potential individual rules to look over. By individual I mean scale. I watched one YouTube video of Spectre Operations and part of a second and find it has a lot of elements but they didn’t make a good flow. Plus the combat system seemed roll to hit then roll to save, but with numbers of added dice. To what effect and how to determine them seemed very odd, confusing and additional with no benefit. I am NOT a fan of this double roll mechanic, which unfortunately seems to have become all the rage in the past few decades.

As for Skirmish Sangin I have that as well. I have only played it once at a mini con but that was a poor learning experience due to it being a convention experience. I have all of it and the feel I get is it is trying to be an “almost” role playing game as each individual is detailed almost to the extent of say Traveller. Each character has a few characteristics which are used to generate further details like skill in certain areas as well as when in a segmented game turn the character would activate. Further, actions are defined by action points to do things, so more specific time related segmenting happens. Further rolls are percentile and all ranges are supposed to be real world, not reduced so for most weapons a large table is all in effective range. If I have something incorrect please set me straight as I have not managed to read very far into the game and these statements are made from observations during the con game, discussions with gamers with some experience with the rules and what I have read, or read between the lines, on line.

I also have Brent Spivey’s the Battlefield,  Modern Havok, the training run intro to Zero Dark, OPEX, Cornered Wolf, Merc 2000, Twilight 2000, Jihad Rules, Phoenix Command, Fireteam modern, Fireteam to Fireforce, No End in Sight, 5 core, and 5 men in… and a few old standbys like Snapshot, Traveller and Mega Traveller. Some are like Ambush Alley/Force on Force and don’t match the game scale we are trying to play at as you mention above. I want to review all the above to see if any of those scratch my itch as well or better. In addition to how the combat system goes I will be concentrating on the sequence of play (what seemed to me to be the poor spot for Spectre) as how involved or confusing/conflicting the SOP is usually gives a good feel for the rest of the game. As I said Traveller, MT, Striker and AHL are old school but perhaps the layout of the SOP will make them more “livable”.

Thank you for stating why Black Ops is your direction so I can see it in that light. I do have some NO GO opinions of what would kill a system for me but there is a lot of grey area in the above list. If I can I will try and give a brief overview of why I discounted or am continuing with any of the above. I am not trying to re-direct your gaming but similar to our discussion on rules in the Chunky Bandit thread I am searching around for rules at this scale. Ideally if they could be compatible to some extent even better but highly unlikely.