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Just Jack


I haven’t really done any looking into Spectre Operations; I saw the release date, read a batrep and thought it was interesting, then looked on their website and saw how expensive the rules were…   I don’t mind using roll to hit/roll to save, but I’d rather have it all done in one go (as well as morale, as roll to hit/roll to save/roll to see if they’re suppressed is even worse than roll to hit/roll to save!), which, again, is part of why I love the 5Core concept.  No saves owing to cover/situations raising/lowering the amount of firing dice, and handles pins/suppressions/kills all in that same die roll.

I think you’ve got Skirmish Sangin nailed, as far as I know it, anyway.  I actually liked their percentile die for shooting, thought that was pretty nifty, really dial in the soldier’s marksmanship skill, the inherent capability of the weapons system, the tactically situation (stationary, moving, taking fire, target unaware), and cover/concealment, in one roll.

No problem on giving my thoughts on rules I’m familiar with, my pleasure!  And forgive me, I just saw you’d responded over on Chunky Bandit, so I’ll head over there, too.