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Ivan Sorensen

> Stephen

I apologize that you found No End in Sight unsatisfactory. Sometimes a game does not connect with someone. Has happened to me as well.
Other players and reviewers have had different experiences.

Unfortunately I don’t have my old emails any longer due to a problem with gmail and my own stupidity, so I cannot refer back to any prior discussions.
As an older title, (the second we ever did, in fact) there are aspects that aren’t worded as clearly as they could be, certainly.

* * *

As far as firing dice, as Jack alludes to, the entire point behind the Shock and Kill dice is to encapsulate everything into a single die roll.
In my view combat is either attrition based or state based.

Attrition based combat means we tally up hits (Command Decision, Blitzkrieg Commander) or remove guys (most games with individual figures. IABSM f.x.)
A unit may falter through a bolt-on morale check (25% casualties, whatever) or combat may be entirely attrition based (as we did with Hammer of Democracy) but fundamentally the counting and removing of guys or accumulation of damage is what drives the game system.

State based combat means we ignore these factors and instead look at the unit overall: Is it currently capable of fighting?
This is as old as the trusty old Squad Leader board game: Units are okay or they are Broken or they are dead.
The Fivecore dice just expand that to a few more cases (okay / pinned / broken / damaged / dead).

As John Hill said all those years ago, whether a squad is being hit by a machine gun burst, a grenade or a sniper doesn’t matter. The outcomes are the same: Either the squad as an entity is okay or it is not.

(mandatory disclaimer – I’m not opining that state based combat is superior though it may be superior for specific cases or tastes. I’ve written and played state based and attrition based games alike, including the RCW game mentioned upthread)

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