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Norm S

I have posted slightly less and yet since lockdown still saw an increase from 11,000 to 13,000 per month. I am guessing that there are more people with extra ‘screen time’ on their hands.

Another thing I noticed was that a particular post from say 3 years ago would suddenly appear in my current top 6, so it looks like someone was hunting around in the depths of the blog, found it and then shared the link on social media, which gave enough visits / hits to lift it. These things seem to have a life of their own.

I have picked up 7 extra followers.

So the sense I get is that the demise of the blog that was being discussed around a year ago as Facebook seemed to be drawing gamers away to groups, has been halted and it is probably because the blog allows a meatier article and many bloggers have got quite a good archive that a visitor can spend a couple of hours with.

Can it be true? Is there a new love for the blog! The same must surely be happening for all kinds of blogs in the world, from food blogs to how to arrange your pencils blogs.