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I have a Creality Ender-3.  I’ve printed 1/2400 scale ships and 1/72 scale figures with great success.  This is an FDM printer.  You can get a layer height of .08 and print small  objects quite well.  Lately I’ve been printing nano-scale starships.  Either type of printer is going to have a small learning curve.  Easy enough to learning but you will have to put in the time and not get discouraged if/when you fail with a few prints.  You can also print stuff like 2mm troop blocks for large scale battles.

I chose a FDM printer because, at the time, plant based (aka non-toxic/biodegradable) plastic was available.  I understand that there is now biodegradable resin now so this is no longer an argument though the cost is somewhat higher than PLA.  Neither type of printer will be lightning in a bottle.  Both types of printers will have their strengths and weaknesses.

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