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I have an Epax 1X and love it!  As above, cleanup is needed, but I do not clean out my vat as it uses none FEP film.  I did make the mistake of putting my hands into a 91% alcohol solution in order to retrieve a small part and am paying for it now…  The Epax is great because you do not have to level the printing bed, but can calibrate the starting height.  Dead simple controls, and about the same size as the printer you’ve linked.

There are a lot of resins out there and some have a lot more odor than others.  So far the best results I have gotten have been from Anycubic and eSun resins, though I am about to use some new Elgoo.  The eSun is a bio-resin and didn’t smell at all but is also “clear” and hard to see how well an item printed until you base coat it.  Not ideal.

As said above, there are some new resin printers coming out with much larger beds, but also for an increased cost.  I”ve been eyeballing the Epax1 10X, but will see how a friend’s does before I commit.

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