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The best record for taking frontier forts probably belongs to Pontiac’s confederation immediately after the French & Indian War. They took them by surprise. I think they took most of them except for Detroit and Fort Pitt in a well coordinated surprise attack. For the most part, though, since artillery was such a rarity on the frontier, if the forts were well supplied they could usually outlast anything thrown against them. If the attacker managed to drag a cannon or two, even small ones, through hundreds of mile of rough, dense forest, then the forts–which were usually of timber construction–would be abandoned and blown up. More often than not, though, the forts were at the ends of very difficult supply lines and would be abandoned as unsupportable once the enemy had any sizeable force in the area.

There were a few exceptions like the siege of Fort William Henry which forms the backdrop of ‘The Last of the Mohicans’.  Even there, though, Colonel Monro surrendered because he knew that he would not be supplied from Fort Edward.

War in colonial America was about logistics, logistic, logistics.

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