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From a gaming pov, my biggest issue with skirmish is plausible scenarios. There is very little a WW2 rifle section can do on its own apart from patrol.

This is definitely true but I think it points to an unexploited area of gaming, in that there aren’t too many games which focus on the patrolling aspect of the patrol.  To be fair, I think Nuts! kind of got this, by making its basic campaign element a mix of alternating section patrols and then platoon combats, although the average patrol in Nuts! is calibrated to experience a bit much action (for very sound entertainment reasons, I imagine).  We do need a miniatures game like Ranger!

Reading a few regimental histories, much of the basic experience of the WW2 infantryman was patrolling (or manning a small defensive position), interspersed with some slightly bigger platoon sized fighting patrols and some very nasty larger actions.