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Just Jack

Kyote John – Yeah, told ya the bad guys would get tanks.

Darby and Thomaston – Yeah, I have a habit of loading up against the Cubans whenever they get tanks, and/or making the Cuban vehicles do dumb stuff 😉

Thomaston – I’m an amateur, I don’t worry about logistics 😉  Besides, the United States is paying for it all.  If you guys haven’t figured it out yet, the Cuban Expeditionary Force is essentially the American Foreign Legion!

Whirlwind John – “I was a bit surprised that the T-72 crew was that vulnerable to suppression from the Marders.”
I dunno man; there’s not much of a chance, but at that range there was even a chance of the 20mm auto-cannon opening up the T-72, and so I think there’s definitely room for a crew to be suppressed, which in this case contextually means ‘reacting to enemy fire in a defensive manner rather than performing in an offensive manner, and able to be compelled to withdraw if the same volume and effectiveness of enemy fire is sustained.’  So the game mechanic is the Marder is firing with 1K 1S and rolled a ‘6’ on the Shock dice, suppressing the tank.  If the Marder fires again and rolls another ‘6’ on the Shock dice the target would fall back.  That matches my expectations based on discussion with US Army and Marine tankers/mech guys, as well as books by Peters and Coyle; it seemed Bradleys expected the above to happen at close range had the Cold War gone hot, and it actually happened when Marine LAV-25s (of TF Grizzly, if I recall correctly) did it to Iraqi T-72s in Desert Storm.

“On a strategic level, I think the Communists should re-organize and re-think.  They clearly aren’t getting very far with their current organizations and tactics…”
Not in the cards, the Cuban blitzkrieg is moving too quickly.  Besides, their current organization and tactics brought them all the way to the South Leonian capital city 😉  And what did you expect, that I would lose a bunch of these battles? 😉