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Darkest Star Games

I was a bit surprised that the T-72 crew was that vulnerable to suppression from the Marders.

  I was visiting an interesting museum east of Dallas not that long ago during a Special Forces Association gathering and we got to ride around in an FV433 Abbot SPG (among other vehicles).  Typical out of nowhere Texas storm occurred and it started to hail while I was inside the track.  Let me tell you, it was LOUD, and hail isn’t even explosive!  Though not much harm may have come to the T-72, I could imagine it freaking out an inexperienced crew, or them not wanting to get tracked or engine-killed.

My uncle once told me about his M-48 getting belted by a .51cal HMG in Vietnam and how loud it was, sort of rung their bell a little.  Didn’t do much to their tank (a vision block knocked out and a return roller chipped) but they were pissed off that it blew apart their cooler.

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