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Just Jack

My understanding is that there is a huge loss of situational awareness that many times works to convince the vehicle commander that his best option is to pop smoke, pull back, and reassess the situation, rather than sit tight or charge blindly forward and run into threat vectors.

It was US doctrine to team wire-guided ATGMs (TOWs and Dragons) with heavy machine guns (M-2 and Mk-19) in Combined Anti-Armor Teams (CAATs); the HMG would open fire on the enemy tank to button them up so the crew didn’t see the ATGM launch, and then continue taking the tank under fire in order to keep them buttoned up while the ATGM was in flight, thus keeping the crew from returning fire on the ATGM or performing any radical evasive maneuvers (the theory being the crew could speed up or back up, but wouldn’t undertake any crazy turns without better views of the terrain).