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From a gaming pov, my biggest issue with skirmish is plausible scenarios. There is very little a WW2 rifle section can do on its own apart from patrol.

I have written a couple of scenario books for THW for NUTS! with the majority of the scenarios being squad sized.  There is a lot you can do.  In one you have to track down a break in a land line, in another you must recover a wounded member of a patrol that was stashed in a hollow tree by another wounded member.  There are position probes, prisoner snatches, vehicle recoveries, sneaking into an a farmhouse in an enemy occupied area to liberate wine, hunt the sniper, raids, harassment, taking an isolated enemy bunker… many many options, all of which were taken from personal memoirs and histories I read.  Small games can be very fraught with intensity, especially if you have an investment in the troops you are using.  Honestly, if a squad vs. a squad isn’t fun it may come down to the rules that are being used if not the payers.  (apologies if that comes off as sounding like an ass, not intended).

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