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Just Jack


Thanks man, I’m glad you enjoyed the batrep, that fight was a lot of fun, and definitely a close run thing.

Yeah, we even trained with M-60s (and later M-240s) to engage armor to force them to button up; if they kept coming they’d be easy to separate from their supporting infantry and so the riflemen were tasked to put an AT-4 into the, and a lot of people figured armor would back out without good tank-infantry coordination.  It’s certainly what ours did…

I was never in a tank that was being fired on; I was on top of one once, on the back deck, during a fight, but that’s a story for a different day.  I was also in a helo taking 7.62mm rounds once (at night, you could see the moonlight coming through the holes), and in an AAV a couple times when it was taking 7.62mm fire, us with our heads hanging out the air hatch…  While those are not tanks, you definitely know you’re taking fire, and even in the track it was very uncomfortable, the crew was very keen on getting us dismounted in order to be reasonably sure no one was going to creep up and put an RPG into the damn thing.  Yes, our heads all went down when we started taking fire…  If you’re not familiar, this is what I’m talking about:

Sorry, but that was literally the only photo I could find where the track had the air hatches open and grunts with their heads popped out.