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I don’t want to suggest that WW2 sections/squads couldn’t do this, I 100% agree that they could (most of them).  Maybe it is just a function of the particular books I have read, or the often quite narrow attack frontages used, or the generally high troop densities compared to now, but the impression I get is that in set-piece attacks, the sections/squads were used as the basic blocks.  Again for independent platoon attacks – I have just been reading the regimental history of the Durham Light Infantry in WW2, and discrete platoon attacks weren’t that rare – but not every attack can be easily broken down into separate platoon actions.

I suppose I’m just trying to point is what each of us chooses to put on the table is all simply a matter of personal taste, and pretty much anything can be rationalized.

Very much agreed.

Here is a thought experiment: how much of the latest series of KG Klink or Cuba Libre can be easily broken down into the actions of the discrete sections/squads involved?  Most of them involved quite complex interactions between numerous squads/sections on both sides. Whereas your SOF games have concentrated on rather different things.  I think I am just agreeing with the logic of your design choices.