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Just Jack

Whirlwind John – I’m with you.  Regarding “…Durham Light Infantry in WW2, and discrete platoon attacks weren’t that rare…”
When you say ‘discrete platoon attacks,’ what does that mean to you?  Are you saying a rifle platoon stands detached and is going tromping off 5km away from the rest of the battalion and carry out some task, or do you simply mean the ‘company commander has given 1st Platoon the task of taking the farmhouse’?”

“…how much of the latest series of KG Klink or Cuba Libre can be easily broken down into the actions of the discrete sections/squads involved?”
In both cases one base=one squad/wpns tm/vehicle, so literally every single time two opposing stands came into base contact I could have set up a 2′ x 2′ table and played out a squad vs squad fight to determine the winner of the IABSM or 5Core Company Command game’s ‘close combat,’ rather than simply roll dice in accordance with the rules’ melee mechanics.  I agree that how each opposing unit got into that particular situation was a result of complex interactions with plenty of other units, but once the attacker has closed with defender, everything else is out the window.  In that immediate time span there is no support and there are no reinforcements, it’s five minutes of fury to determine who will be the last men standing.  From my standpoint, it’s literally that simple and straightforward.

Steve – I’m a fan of all levels, they each have a special place in my heart 😉  I really enjoy your BKC games, but like I said, someday when I’m playing BKC and I have a Close Assault, I’d like to stop the BKC game and play a lower-echeloned game, rather than use the simple roll off for CA.

Martin – Indeed it is, and I hope I haven’t couched my comments in an inarticulate way, I was simply hoping to point out to folks that want to play squad vs squad tabletop games that there are certainly options besides ‘Sergeant, take your squad and patrol down to the river and back.’  And to that end, Darby put a lot more meat on that bone, anyway, I ended up getting off on a tangent about company-level tactics…

“Modern (Iraq, Afghanistan) is different as the troops are vastly better trained and equipped.”
I disagree wholeheartedly, but won’t tie you up in a discussion if you don’t want to have one 😉

I really enjoy you big battles, just saw you’ve posted another one and headed over now to have a gander.