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What is your favorite / most liked / most played set of rules for WW2 squad level gaming? – Most played: Disposable Heroes (1st ed), Battleground WWII, A Corner of Hell.  I have a lot of rules, all of the ones already mentioned.  There are rules I’d like to play and having read them feel like they have something to offer but it would be a one-off game so never really able to utilize a ruleset fully, Nuts! is one for sure I’d play but the reaction system is just new enough that I’d like to have a veteran player involved.

If you play WW2 both with single-based and team-based figures (f.x. Nuts and Command Decision) do you do so in different scales or the same?  – Yes different scales.  28mm for single based, 6mm for any team based.

Is squad-level gaming the primary type of WW2 game for you or is it a secondary/occasional thing? – It’s a primary game.  A game where more than a platoon is on a stand I would use counters.  Platoon=stand games really don’t interest me much in miniatures and that’s because of the visuals.  A single tank is 3-5 but the house is a house?  It can be handled by using different terrain but I feel that few games I’ve played in at stand level have anything other than single structures and suddenly a tank platoon is “hiding” behind a house.  If it’s stands then I want to use templates like in AK-47, usually a terrain appropriate colored felt and buildings that are removable but can be put back to pretty things up. I play this level on the PC (East Front and it’s sisters) and that is fine but it’s hex based really.  I don’t play much squad based games due to other’s interest but squad-level gaming is my primary interest and what I buy & build for.