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Ivan Sorensen

From what I’ve understood even Panther tanks were vulnerable to flanking shots from AT rifles.

Really? I am very surprised. The impression I am being given is that they were pretty much useless from 1941 onwards, against tanks anyway. By BREVITY, the British seem to have considered theirs useless, and don’t seem to have bothered carrying them by the second half of 1942.

It’s not that AT rifles was a preferable option, but the Soviets kept employing them in swarms because they were available and a better option was not.

At 100 meters, the PTRD can penetrate 40 mm of armor (with a bit of good wishes) so the flank of Panthers and Panzer IV are definitely vulnerable. Books I’ve read disagree on whether the armored side-skirts were for defense against Bazooka rockets or AT rifle plinking.

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