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2nd gen minifigs are not the most detailed figures in the world.  Right?  They are also small.  So it might be easier to cut the hand off entirely.  Then sculpt a new hand around a length of rod (brass, copper, florist wire whatever) and stick it to the figure.

Make a ball of putty (green stuff or sculpt) about the size of the figure’s fist.

Run the wire through the fist.  It will stretch so you will be reshaping it with a tooth pick or knife blade.

Stick the fist to the wrist of the figure.

Note: When you cut the hand off, you might leave a little stump so you have sort of a pin to stick the new hand to.  Definitely shave it down so it is thinner.

Years ago I used this method on my Napoleonic line lancers.  My medium was glue…because I was 12 and had no money.  I also used sewing pins as lances.  I think putty is the way to go.  So go get your sculpt on!


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