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The 6mm fantasy stuff are too dynamic to cast, too many gaps and space. The modern stuff should cast ok. I’ve copied parts using press moulds in 6mm and they came out very nice, except I had trouble aligning the two half of the mould. In the end I jsut moulded the front of the minis and sculped the back on.

I would like to see your dreadlocks. I’ve never been good with hair, it’s as if I don’t push hard enough on the putty so details were always too shallow.

Hermit crabs are just lumps of putty, but the girl scouts are there in the bottom photo.
And I’m not busy, I’m lazy.


Oooooh, rubber ducky flotilla sounds good. But I’m already onto my next project, doing new 3mm fantasy minis.

Tired is enough.
I like tiny miniatures