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Geof Downton

…weird looks from strangers when I’ve been staring intently at, or frantically taking photos of, plants…

Not sure why you get weird looks – all seems perfectly normal to me…

That said my obsession is with collecting stones, dirt or other detritus from specific, relevant locations for basing.

Amongst other things I have painted aliens and based them on dirt from Roswell and Yorick’s skull on dirt from Kronborg Castle, the inspiration for Elsinore. My Hebrew army is based with soil from Megiddo, and I have dirt from The Alamo waiting for me to paint Davy Crockett and stones from the Place de la Concorde in case I get a guillotine one day.

One who puts on his armour should not boast like one who takes it off.
Ahab, King of Israel; 1 Kings 20:11