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General Slade

Thanks for the replies everyone.  I shall check out all the sources suggested. I’ve just started reading ‘The Destruction of Lord Raglan’ by Christopher Hibbert and have got as far as his description of the Battle of Alma.  Judging from his account I think wargames rules will need to take into account the short-sightedness (literal rather than figurative for a change) of the British officers.  One general, who can barely see the end of his nose but who is too vain to wear glasses, allows the troops of his brigade to become confused with those supporting his flank because he can’t see where they are going; another orders his troops to form square, seemingly on the basis that since he can’t see any cavalry there must be some just beyond his field of vision.

Incidentally, the impulse for me to embark on my Crimean adventure came from the fine folk at Keep Wargaming.  They run an internet/mail order service that is second to none and currently are selling Crimean War Minifigs for considerably less than list price.  Their postage charges are also remarkably reasonable.  I’ve bought loads of stuff off them over the past couple of years so I feel I should give them a plug.  Their eBay store can be found here: Keep Wargaming