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Just Jack

Kyote – Yup.

Thomaston – Typical Commies 😉

I suppose I could do a better job of snazzing it up for the narrative, rather than just typing out what mechanically happened according to the rules.  So change “…the T-72 was already suppressed and the HMG fired with 1S dice and scored a ‘6,’ thus compelling the vehicle to fall back off the table,’ I suppose I could write it up as “…the HMG engaged the enemy tank, wrecking the main gun’s optics and destroying the tank’s smoke dischargers, which caused a fire.  The tank commander ordered the driver to reverse out and then set about extinguishing the fire, but then the HMG again engaged the tank, hitting the tank commander.  The driver made a command decision to fall back in order to get the TC the necessary medical attention and get the tank back in good fighting condition.”