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Tony S

Although I don’t play fantasy very often, I do admit Oathmark is looking mighty attractive to me right now. I got the rules, and read through them, and am quite looking forward to trying them out. I’m glad to hear you liked them. Overall the rules seem very clean.

Actually the biggest thing that intrigued me when I first heard about it, was the ability to use any race in any army! The ability to pick any units your want – Goblin riders, elven archers, dwarven spearmen – is interesting indeed. As you say, it seems easy to use pretty much any figures to have. My Carthaginians are going to make an appearance – as well as some LoTR units.

That’s why my favourite historical army is Seleucid, a veritable cornucopia of, well, everything!

Anyway, Oathmark is absolutely on my list to play when the club can finally get together. A couple of us have already drawn up our kingdoms. Looking forward to it!