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they are eminently hateable Jeff. Luckily I will not need to rebase my dusty WAB Marians, the hateful fellows. what were yours based for?

My “hated” Romans are all based on 20mm squares. Some are my own paint jobs , some were picked up a long time ago from Dragon Studios in China. They were used to play test Romans against Pontics for the long ago shipwrecked WAB Successors lists.

I actually do not need to rebase (if I decide to be brave and stick to square heresy)- however the bases and magnets on the DS ones are poor and wobbly. So rounds? or more more squares? Also I have found that putting steel rubber bottoms (or use the 19mm fender washers) on the figures is better because the magnetism fades. Magnet sabots last much longer- at least until the next rules system comes along. Looks like I will be needing some 100mm wide bases for infantry. I cant find how cavalry and skirmishers are based, I need to scour further.

Oh and my Roman collection is hidden here (in plain sight). I’ve mostly painted Foundry and Companion 28’s and the old Wargames Factory plastics. I need some new cause to update these old pages and decrepit photos:


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