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Rod Robertson

Weirdly enough I was mowing today and will do more tomorrow. And yes Jack’s boys are very lucky.


Then it is as it should be. Now you need to dust off some of that WWII Desert War stuff and fight some scraps between Benghazi and Cairo. Then you will be aligned with the universe.

No such luck for me. I am taking a break from the 20th and 21st centuries and am painting up Bronze Age and Iron Age  ancient armies. Presently 20 stands of Early Middle Assyrian archers (60 figures) and eight stands of of Neo-Babylonian Spear and Bow “phalanxes” (96 figures). Then it’s 21 assorted chariots and six stands of Neo-Babylonian cavalry and those two armies are done.

Cheers, good gaming and be well.

Rod Robertson.