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Andrew Beasley

Do you fancy complex troop types with lots of tables, buckets of dice games, magic heavy or quick and nasty?

Odd as it sounds, you can still get Chainmail here if you have lost / sold your set.

Ive had a few good games of Mighty Armies – thin set of rules but work well – designed for 15mm as are the Alternate Armies Use Me rules.

I had Battle Valor rules bookmarked but not tried them – think it came from seeing a demo at a show but could be well wrong! I do know it’s troop rather than hero based – one of my pet hates is a few characters dominating the battle.
Try eBay for Demonworld rules – they often are very cheap as few use them and I think they are slowly going away.

Chipco Fantasy Rules! (note the exclamation mark) also known as FR!3 (ver 3 basically) are good for up to 50-60 figures (may be a bit small) and you can get a couple of battles and Pizza in an afternoon.

I thought there was a version of LOTR for big battles but I cannot find it now – limited in magic / troop types / dominated by dice and heroic actions though.

Main issue now for 28mm figures is the cost – 15s or 6mm are better for big big battles.