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Andrew Beasley

Right – now the mind is a little calmer (though not tired at the mo) a quick thank you for the thoughts and links.

I am concerned about making it too complex esp with the fantasy troops adding fear and hatred in the mix so maybe I start simple with just a fear style check that can be used for combat against undead / dragons / charges along Nathaniel’s line and maybe modify the result to modify / force moves or change combat dice…

Some things I could simplify such as heavy dwarf infantry being the same as heavy human and heavy orc infantry etc. while centaurs (assumes not bow armed) are the same as human horse and wolf mounted orc.

Fear could be covered by not allowing attacks vs spectral forces or dragons unless you are a specific troop type or, picking up Johns notes above, maybe reducing combat result as only some of the unit can attack.

Keeping within the style of the rules rather than adding cross reference tables I need to adjust combat and possibly movement and nothing else ๐Ÿ™‚ without loosing the fantasy feel…