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A player who has left an AT gun in a position where it is unsupported and exposed to attack by enemy infantry doesn’t deserve to have that weapon operating at full effect and engaging enemy armour. The crew have been hung out to dry and who would blame them if self preservation overcame other considerations?

Now you’ve introduced a factor that was not a part of my examples.  Nowhere did I say that the gun was unsupported.  The presence or absence of any supporting infantry was irrelevant to my points.  I was dealing purely with the gun and the choices the player faced when deciding what to do with that gun.  I chose to have the gun see enemy infantry at 350m and a tank at 400m because it would illustrate the absurdity of forcing the gun to engage infantry at a range where that infantry were really of little threat, but ignoring a tank at a very much threatening range.

If a rule exists that forces units to opportunity fire at the closest enemy unit then that will lead to unintended consequences.  Yes, if the gun is facing enemy infantry at 50m then they very much are the greatest threat, supporting friends being present or not.  But consider this.  If such a rule exists all the attacking player needs to do is create a ‘shield wall’ of infantry in front of his tanks and thereby compel his opponent to only engage that infantry, making his tanks effectively invulnerable until all those poor infantry are dead.  Sounds very Soviet in a way, and you can guarantee that a certain type of gamer will do exactly that.

Overall players should be free to pick their own targets, with little restriction unless historically accurate.

P.S., I’m very much with Martin on keeping it simple.  I’ve played complex wargame rules and they sucked the fun out of everything.  I’m doing this for enjoyment, not so that I can replicate every nut and bolt of a battle where whole brigades are being pitched at each other.  Pre lockdown I was able to meet with and discuss the rules I use with one of its co-authors.  He was very much against introducing unnecessary complexities into his rules.  The whole point of them was being able to fight multi-battalion or brigade level WWII forces in a reasonable amount of time.  If you want something different then go and look at some other rule sets.

Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.