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My experience with acrylics:

Wouldn’t waste my money on CdA again. I have only bought a few pots from them and every one has been poor. Doesn’t surprise me if they supply Humbrol, which is likewise poor.

I bought the full Foundry set when they first came out and returned half because they were like water (although I’m still using most of the remainder after 25-odd years). Horse colours are good but they are too patchy for me to invest in.

Howard’s Hues dried out quicker than Humbrol enamel! Another waste of money.

Craft Shop (Americana, etc) are good for scenery were you need thin and cheap, but no good for figures.

Army Painter: spray = great, bottle = worse than any of the above.

Never had a problem with Vallejo, so they remain my paint of choice and my recommendation to everybody.

PS Nobody seems able to get a handle on yellow, though!

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