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Your composite of them is a heck of a lot better cited than mine is. Your conclusions and mine differ in a handful of ways. In broad strokes here is what I’ve got:

Right Wing: Tuchkov
5th Division: Foch
Former Rearguard (brigade detached from 7th Division): Markov I

Center (3rd Division): Osten-Sacken I
Brigade: Titov II
Brigade: Dolgorukov V

Center (8th Division): Essen III
Cavalry Brigade: Glebov-Streshnev
Infantry Brigade: Engelhardt I
Infantry Brigade: Levitsky

Left Wing: Ostermann-Tolstoi
2nd Division: Sukin II
6th Division: Baggovut

Reserves: Dokhturov
4th Division: Somov
7th Division: Zapol’skii

For artillery commanders running the grand batteries I’ve got: Sievers, Löwenstern and Stavitsky I.The other formations I’m not listing line up almost completely with yours.

One quandary is that Pahen III is commanding the cavalry on one wing while commanding a brigade on the other wing subordinate to someone… You able to figure anything out about that?

I think the largest difference between yours and mine is that I don’t conclude that Essen III reports to Tuchkov I but that they each ran separate commands. I *think* I concluded that from something I read in Arnold but it was months ago and I am foggy.