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Norway  is mostly a desert when it comes to historical wargaming.  In the big cities you might find a general “nerd” store that sells 40k and such. They did try and sell various plastic sets from Perry and warlord in Oslo many years back. And it was basically me and two other guys who bought it. No interest otherwise.  A couple of guys do mange to game in Oslo, some 20mm chain of command.  There is also a store in Oslo that deals Plastic soldier company 15mm sets.

In Stavanger I have no ideas.

Paint wise you might find some GW paints and some Vajello paints.

The only paint I buy in Norway is some particular GW paints and primers(as they can’t be shipped by plane)

99% of all my hobby stuff is bought online from mostly UK and Europe,  and now you can look forward to that nice 25% VAT plus fee you have to pay on everything brought outside of Norway (except Ebay that has a deal and so you pay the 25% on Ebay)

I have gotten some miniatures through with out the VAT and fee. But I think it’s mostly because those packages has been shipped as “letters” and the customs people are overworked so some slip through)


I know one guy who is originally Scottish,  living not terribly far from Stavanger,  painted some fantastic 15/18mm Napoleonics. Not sure if he still paints/or games.