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I had the full 140 paint paint set from CDA some are very nice. But foundry is easier.

That said some of the foundry stuff isn’t that good either. Many colours are quite shiny,  and some don’t  over well. Their napoleonic lines are very good. And for MANY years their Union blue triad was my go to colour for anything dark blue(with a highlight of CDA fester blue)

Some of the CDA colours have changed, the aforementioned Fester blue is not the same I got 10 years ago.

Most of what I use now is a mix of reaper miniatures (some of their colours are great like the ivory is perfect for prussians  SYW cuirassiers and I use their wood triad exclusively for my muskets,  and their red leather triad is fanatic) with Andrea  colors (superb,  white, blue, red, black sets) these are 6 colour sets but unless you really want to paint for a long time. 3 of them are usually enough.

I also use AK paints.