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Sane Max

this is so people who started the hobby with 9th ed would have a harder time converting to other games that still used 4’x6′.

Or maybe they have partnered with Ikea for some flat packed gaming tables….😬

I think it probably has to do with some kind of merchandising. They brought on some game mat printer to make some swick product they want to sell, and that’s the maximum print size they can manage. Or they’ve done some shipping calculation and it’s going to save them a million bucks by making the product a touch smaller.

Just wonder if they will add bits on the edges for the realms of battle boards?
Each part is currently 24” square so being cynical I assume the moulds are end-of-life and here come a new set of mats, boards and hills…

uhhhhhhhh……Maybe they felt the game played better on a table that size? or that it’s a more convenient size for most people to play actual games on in their own homes, thus having more fun?

No, No, what am I saying? I bet they are going to offer to buy everyone’s old game tables cheap and use them to build houses for slave labourers to work from making their figures, and the overseers can use people’s cast-off oversized tape measures to flog the slaves. The evil bastards.