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Andrew Rolph

Thanks to both Robert and Tony for additional info.

I think for the various cyclists I’ll roll them up with the divisional cavalry for the pre-game abstract reconnaissance game I am planning for each scenario.

…engineer companies were usually spread out over the division…had a series of roles (demolition, road repair, minor bridging etc.)

…and I think the engineer company will be tied to the divisional HQ unless there’s some scenario specific engineering type of work required in the area of a given btn. I don’t think anyone will put their divisional HQ in the front line.

German Jaegers with cavalry divisions (I think they were technically Corps troops but not sure)…I use some signaller bases to indicate observer links back to artillery and divisional command.

Tony of TTT

Curiously in the specific units I am modelling there is also a complete jaeger btn in one of the infantry divisions (20th Infantry Division, 39. Infanterie-Brigade, Hannoversches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 10 (alongside the Hannoverian 79th and 164th regiments)).

As for the remaining specialists (signallers etc) I think I’ll wrap them up into the Divisional HQ functions.

Thanks for the input.