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Yes, the player takes the role of both Battalion and Company commanders. Most orders or actions are issued with regard to those command levels.

However there will be many occasions in the game when players are also making “tactical wargame” decisions down at platoon level, as the very nature of playing a miniatures based wargame using platoons as tactical units to create the granularity and challenge of WW2 combat, means that the player has to make these moves and position individual units as our miniatures, however well painted, cannot do this by themselves. So players, such as Deephorse, will also be able to make those down and dirty decisions as well.

With assistance from the above contributions I’ve now settled, (hopefully) on an opportunity fire mechanism that permits units the chance to opportunity fire, with certain weapon systems having a better chance than others. If you fail, you still fire at the end of the enemy move action, but at disadvantage.

If you manage to opportunity fire against an enemy at close range, then the dice roll is dispensed with and it’s an automatic shot. Ouch!