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Not specifically, but there are some interesting options if you don’t mind doing a little repurposing. For example, there are some very interesting shiplike vehicles from Onslaught’s “Stygian” range that might suit the purpose with a little modification.

I think you might be on to something there. I think most of their range are a similar size however, as they’re intended as Epic proxies… I’ll have a look over the range and see what jumps out at me. I think I may have some Eldar BFG lying around somewhere too which may suit?

At one point a few years ago, Brigade Models stated they were intending to expand the Aeronef range with Martian airships “in the coming year” (not their exact words, but it was something like that). Obviously those never materialised, though I don’t blame them considering all the many projects they have ongoing in parallel. I still remain hopeful that they’ll get around to it someday.

There’s definitely nothing in their current range, and I haven’t found any mention on their blog or various forums. Funnily enough googling for terms like ‘Brigade’, ‘Aeronef’ and ‘Martian’ brings up this topic on TWW as the first response But I agree with you about the parallel projects. They seem to constantly be pumping out a wide variety of kit for nearly their entire catalogue. There’s very little going unloved on their web-store.

Did Wessex Games ever produce their Martian aeronef? I remember using them in a game we ran (Salute maybe?) but don’t recall if they ever made it into production

Not that I’ve seen. I’ll happily be proven wrong however?