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Tony S

and *bump*

It’s interesting how so many of our hobbies tend to cluster, eh?  I too love to read (LOVE my Kobo ereader!), and sometimes play computer games.  Solely turn based games though – “twitch” games just aren’t my thing anymore.   Computer programming, watching way too many zombie TV shows or movies…  But honestly, the bulk of my free time is taken up with wargaming.


The one outlier – and I thought I was the only one to wargame and do this until I read Guy’s earlier post – is powerlift.  Sorry, “powerlift”.  I’m in my fifties now, so the days of heavy lifting are behind me.  Less weight, a few more reps and I take it a lot slower.  And listen to my body.  It just takes soooooo long to recover now. 


Not that I’ve been to a gym in months, as they are all closed.   Home workouts just aren’t the same.