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Hey Tony. Where in Ontario are you? I am in Georgina, about a half hour north of Newmarket and looking for opponents. Since you have NEiS we may be interested in similar games.

Our club (monthly in Newmarket) has tried for a couple months to get a set of contacts going using zoom. I am computer illiterate on social media and related topics but that is one possibility. Seems like they are trying to find a common platform for various people to connect on. They have also looked at Steam (I have Conflict of Heroes so that may work for me) and VASSAL (for which I have a few games) but since I have no experience with either I would need serious hand holding so this remote stuff may not work for me. I had a gaming buddy over last week for a couple hours. With some limits being slowly relaxed small gatherings, like under 10 gamers which is our club’s normal number, may mean we are back in business but location becomes the next problem. In the past we met at a local game cafe which gave us half their space for a day once a month. A couple times a year we rented a room at the library ’round the block.