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Hello, just signed up and thought I would introduce myself.

I’ve been into miniature wargaming for around 15 years. I found the hobby in my mid thirty’s and found it was a perfect match for me because it allows me to combine history, gaming, crafting etc. I have a small group of friends that also play but they aren’t heavy into the hobby side so I end up building/painting most things we play.

I’m fond of small scale games, I’ve done most of my stuff in 6mm but recently I’ve working with 10mm and I really enjoy the scale. What they say about 10mm is true, small enough that you still paint for mass effect but big enough to see details. I really love that about 10mm and I think going forward it will be my preferred scale. And because in my group I end up buying, painting crafting everything I get to choose the scale I want to work with so nobody argues with me haha.

My current project is Battle of the Bulge, I have an American airborne force on order with Pendraken that I’m eagerly awaiting and in the meantime trying my hand at crafting foam buildings.

Areas of interest are; WW2, WW1, Ancients, American Civil War. Also recently Napoleonic wargaming has caught my eye after learning about The Wargaming Company’s ESR. It looks like a easy way to jump into naps for newbies, plus the company is based in my home state of Minnesota which is a bonus.

I look forward to getting to know everyone!