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What really perplexes me is the way this attitude has expanded to concern terrain and scenery in some parts of the hobby community. Scratch-building your own trees, or even buying them from a model railroad shop, is unheard of in those circles.

In a Larry Leadhead cartoon (I can’t find it now, their website is gone away) an old guy had made a miniature wall with small stones, and left it in the natural stones colour, and a young player asked where he had bought it and how he did paint it… and when he had the answer he said with admiration: “Wow! You historical gamers are really creative!”

I had a very interesting conversation with a dam’ youngster behind the counter in a (small local) wargames shop recently. he asked what I was buying the paints and brushes for, and I said I was painting Historicals ‘Historicals?’ Not heard of that one’ ‘Oh… no, it’s a period. Lots of different rules for it, for example Warlord Games do a game called ‘Hail Caesar” (TappityTapTap) Huh… Romans versus Egyptians? That’s weird’ ‘No… you buy the figures where you like, those are just the figures they happen to make’ ‘wh..what happens at Tournaments???’ He was obviously completely unused to the idea of not buying ‘Big Spoon Wargames’ box set, the boxes of figures that ‘Big Spoon Wargames’ make and playing other ‘Big Spoon’ Players at games.

That reminds me of a discussion in a local RPG club in Rennes (Brittany) more than 30 years ago, we were talking about Tolkien (it was long before the movies, and Tolkien’s works were not widely known in France then) and a younger guy heard the name and said: “Tolkien? Oh yes, he wrote books inspired by D&D?”…
(I swear it’s true, and I’m sure he was sincere.)

But hey, it’s normal, people who discover the hobby cannot be expected to know older things. Not understanding this is called: talking as “anciens combattants” (in French).