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John D Salt

As far as I can make out, IPTAPs and similar units were organised according to the following Shtats:

Shtat No. 08/100 5 x 4-gun bty 45mm, 260 pers
Shtat No. 08/107 5 x 4-gun bty 76mm, 489 pers
Shtat No. 10/466 4 x 4-gun bty 85mm
Shtat No. 10/462 21 x SU-85, 318 pers
Shtat No. 08/531 5 x 4-gun bty 76mm
Shtat No. 08/532 5 x 4-gun bty 45mm
Shtat No. 08/597 5 x 4-gun bty 76mm or 57mm, 454 pers

I have never seen any evidence of fire direction centres being established in IPTAPs. Unfortunately the only one of the above shtats I have so far been able to unearth is for 45mm-equipped IPTAPs. Shtat 08/100 in more detail, from https://www.hgwdavie.com/blog/2018/8/10/soviet-mechanised-corps-ii gives:

Regt comd -- 3
     Staff -- 7
          Sigs det -- 14
     Party apparatus -- 2
     Light aid det -- 11
     Regt aid post -- 5
     Echelon -- 6
          Tech stores -- 6
          Log det -- 11
     5 x bty, each 39

39 officers, 87 sergeants, 134 other ranks
20 45mm guns
22 jeeps, 15 cargo vehs, 2 specialist vehs

There seems to be surprisingly little variation in the basic 5-battery organisation throughout the war.

Bear in mind that the IPTAPs and similar specialist tank destroyer units were regarded as an elite, with their own distinguishing marks, sometimes described in modern Russian accounts as “artillery Spetsnaz”. I was surprised to discover that their personnel were additionally motivated by the payment of cash tank destruction bounties. They really were quite focused on killing tanks. I wonder if this focus, and their use of the same equipment as the divisional artillery, is behind some of the silly comments one sometimes hears about the Russians not being technically advanced enough to conduct indirect fire.

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