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Tim Snoddy

Sword and Spear fantasy is a fantastic game but for me has a couple of game breaking flaws.  I was a huge fan for a couple of years.  It is actually a better game than the historical rule set it came from as fantasy traits allow better differentiation between units types.  It uses a dice draw system for activation (every unit fielded contributing one die to the bag) and there is more tactics involved in one round of dice allocation than in the entirety of some fantasy rules I have played.  Units are activated from both sides in order of the lowest dice placed so better quality units tend to activate first.  So you often found yourself answering questions like should I activate this unit with the highest dice possible or a lower die to get a quicker activation  before a nearby enemy?  Dice can be stacked to give a bonus or aid defence.  What made me fall out of love with it?  The points system is iffy, the rules get a bit hazy in places.  The deal breaker for me was the game breaking mass of tat ploy.  You could field a load of low cost units never intending to fight with them and use their dice to make your other units fight much better than they normally would.  I house ruled some limits on that.  A lot to enjoy in the game.