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John D Salt

Back in the old days of being a Strategy & Tactics subscriber, and reading the table of “aceptability ratings” published for games in print in every issue, I found that I really enjoyed “Grunt” (SPI), “Year of the Rat”(SPI), “Hue”(SDC), and “NORAD”(SDC), but they all received some of the very lowest acceptability ratings. In three cases of the four, I ascribed that to the unpopularity of Vietnam games to a predominantly American audience, the Vietnam war being a recent and unpleasant memory (and “Year of the Rat” was one of the few games published while the campaign it represented was still in progress). Admittedly it’s guesswork on my part, but I suspect that the unpopularity of the fourth game, “NORAD”, was due to that same predominantly-American audience finding the nuclear destruction of North America no more amusing a subject than Vietnam.

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