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Ivan Sorensen

Some things I could simplify such as heavy dwarf infantry being the same as heavy human and heavy orc infantry etc. while centaurs (assumes not bow armed) are the same as human horse and wolf mounted orc.

This would work given the scale of the rules. It’s not a skirmish game where racial and quality differences can easily be taken into account.

You can always assume a unit is “one combat equivalent”. (1CE)

1CE is defined as the amount of troops needed to deliver a reasonable beat down in combat. Let’s say that’s 40 humans with sharp sticks.

Dwarves are tougher so 20 dwarves make up 1CE, while it takes 60 goblins and 41.7 left-handed humans with slightly shorter sticks.

So you make your goblin bases crammed with gits and your dwarf bases sparse but it’s all still “units” under the rules.

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