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In the very first experiments of my rules (many many years ago) there was the idea that a morale test should be done at the very first casualty of an unit. And also that seeing friends running away would trigger morale tests on other units too.

And we had this battle, on a very large table, with a lot of woods and a small NPC Hobbit fortified village in the middle. On one side there was a large Human army with heavy knights and sergeants and skirmishers etc., and on the other side there were Uruks and other Orcs and smaller Goblins etc.

And what happened… a small Goblin skirmishers unit in the first line shot at a human skirmishers unit, which basically was represented by early HYW Welsh infantry in white-and-green livery… and one of the small Goblins killed one of the (fantasy) light Welshmen. This human unit did a morale test… and ran away towards their own lines. Their knights would not have been affected to see this, but the armoured sergeants on foot had to do a morale test… and ran away too. And this triggered a morale test for the knights… who also ran away. And the whole battle was finished for a single arrow (except for the few NPC Hobbits and humans drunkards in the Hobbit village inn who were left alone to be massacred by the Orcs-Goblins attackers).

Since then, I’m in the idea that real morale tests should happen best in the players heads rather than with the dice.